Merdeka Colouring Contest 2015

Merdeka Colouring Contest
1. Merdeka Colouring Contest 2015

The annual Merdeka colouring contest held at Ipoh Parade was a success judging by the hundreds of young participants that it managed to attract.

Merdeka Colouring Contest
2. colouring contest in progress

The contest, jointly organised by the mall and Shin Chew Daily, with support from World of Colours Arts Centre, is an annual event on National Day to instil the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of young children and their family.

Merdeka Colouring Contest
3. colouring contest in progress

The three age categories for the colouring contest were 4 – 6, 7 – 9 and 10 – 12 years old. Winners of the contest walked home with trophies, certificates, cash vouchers and sponsored products, to the delight of their parents. It was definitely a proud moment for them. Those who didn’t win shouldn’t be disheartened. There’s always another time. Besides, every participant received a goody bag.

Merdeka Colouring Contest
4. prize-giving ceremony

Thanking sponsors for coming together yet again to make this meaningful event a success, Centre Manager for Ipoh Parade Mr. Chan Yu Yin said, “Merdeka Colouring Contest is a positive platform for children from diverse cultural backgrounds to express their patriotic spirit.

Merdeka Colouring Contest
5. prize-giving ceremony

“Children are the future of our country. Therefore, we want to do our part in nurturing the spirit of harmony and unity in diversity while providing the opportunity for them to showcase their skills and creativity.”

Event: Merdeka Colouring Contest 2015
Venue: Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
Date: 31st August, 2015
Time: from 10am

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  1. Wow what a wonderful way to instill patriotism and love for our beloved country from young. Kudos Ipoh Parade ^_^

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