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Announcement: PSPA’s Junior Associates Conference 2015

This year’s Junior Associates Conference (JAC) holiday programme, run by the Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA), will be an interesting combination of levelling up both the performing arts of music and acting.

JAC, which is open to teenagers and those who are young at heart, is an educational adventure to ignite the interests of the youth of Ipoh in the areas of performing arts.

This upcoming programme will see facilitators coming from Kuala Lumpur to explore the finer points of Jazz and Shakespeare with workshop participants, experiencing the creativity of Jazz and the magic of Shakespeare like never before.

Junior Associates Conference
poster: JAC 2015

On the same day (Sept. 16), these facilitators will also present two public performances at the auditorium of Tenby International School, Ipoh, with an afternoon Jazz concert and an evening Shakespeare performance of Othello.

About the Workshops:
*open to teenagers to ‘young at heart’ adults
*maximum 120 pax (on first come, first served basis)

Event schedule:
1pm – Jazz It UP
2.30pm to 7pm – Workshops
8pm – Othello

For further information, contact:
Tel: 05-2427814 (PSPA) or 012-5088818 (Witzi)
Email: pspaipoh@gmail.com
Web: www.pspaipoh.org

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