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Announcement: Merdeka Day Colouring Contest 2016

Aug 23, 2016 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

The annual children's colouring contest in conjunction with our country's National Day is back. Here's calling all children to join in the fun and maybe take home some prizes. To be hosted on 31st August at Ipoh Parade, this event is a collaboration between the shopping mall with Sin Chew Daily and World of Colours Arts ... continue reading »

Merdeka Colouring Contest 2015

Sep 6, 2015 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
Merdeka Colouring Contest

The annual Merdeka colouring contest held at Ipoh Parade was a success judging by the hundreds of young participants that it managed to attract. The contest, jointly organised by the mall and Shin Chew Daily, with support from World of Colours Arts Centre, is an annual event on National Day to instil the spirit of patriotism ... continue reading »

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