Mother’s Day Children’s Colouring Contest 2012

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Mother’s Day colouring contest
1. he's got style

A children’s colouring contest, sub-event at S.H.E. Expo 2012, was organised by World of Colours. This Ipoh-based children’s art school is very active in encouraging kids to participate in such contests in a public venue, to train them to be focused and complete their piece of art within the stipulated time-frame.

Mother’s Day colouring contest
2. taking a break

Mother’s Day colouring contest
3. white-frame glasses

I covered a few events by World of Colours over the past few months, because I like to catch the expressions of kids. I found that many of the kids are lefties, many need corrective glasses, and many stick their heads too close to their art. Some would suddenly cry for no apparent reason, maybe they were pressured, maybe they just needed to go wee wee.

Mother’s Day colouring contest
4. concentrating hard

Mother’s Day colouring contest
5. I <3 U, Mom

There were three age groups in this colouring contest.

Group A: 4 – 6 years old
Group B: 7 – 9 years old
Group C: 10 – 12 years old

Top three in each age group received a trophy, certificate and a free Multiple Intelligence Report worth RM102. I have no idea what this is. Maybe some mothers could enlighten me? Anyway, check out my photos!

Mother’s Day colouring contest
6. leftie

Mother’s Day colouring contest
7. eye lashes so long…how can??

Mother’s Day colouring contest
8. going green


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  1. Dear sirs / madam,

    May i know when is the colouring contest?

    Kindly email to us for further info.

    Thanks a lot!

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