It’s Valentine’s Day Again

Yes, how time flies. I still remember learning about SAD (Singles Awareness Day) through blogger Danny Foo last year.

As another Valentine’s Day passes and I am still single, and sometimes feel like a loser because everyone around me is attached one way or another and I am not, I wonder if I am SAD. Am I? Should I be? If so, why? Why must I be sad?

It’s not difficult to get a date tonight but I don’t want to give others false hopes. I sometimes wonder if I am meant to live my life alone. I have so many problems that I feel like I mustn’t burden someone else. Although I know that I could only rely on myself, if I need help and this other person doesn’t help me out because he is unwilling or unable to do so, that is going to seriously piss me off and would put a major strain on the relationship.

Maybe the timing is just not right yet or I haven’t met the person worth the trouble. The thing is I feel like I cannot place the level of commitment required in a relationship. I am just too free spirited and need plenty of space to do my own thing.

But for all you lovebirds out there, whether you are in a new relationship, or have been married for years already, I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day and may more come your way!
With love

7 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day Again

  1. The way you speak of the “hassles” of a relationship is kind of inaccurate. It should not be expected of anybody to promise the sun and the moon to the other all of a sudden at the beginning of any relationship.

    That is the making of a rushed relationships and rushed relationships never go well. Hence the age old saying of taking things slow, getting to know the other more first. For only when people are truly comfortable, will their true colors show.

    pneoxian´s last blog post…February 14, 2009

  2. Well. You’d be surprised but many sensible couples do not celebrate V-day at all. They just spend some time together and doing stuff they love and not have to indulge in all the drudgery of the day. No need to spend big you know? Hahah all the establishments want you to spend spend spend but that’s irrational due to the economic downturn. Have to learn to spend wisely. An evening together chatting and drinking ‘tong suei’ is also romantic right?

  3. Mitch, if like that, can do every day wor. Did you read the news about the 106-year-old wife? Every day is Valentine’s Day for them. Hahaha!

  4. I don’t know how I may have missed this for so long but thanks for the mention and God has plans for everybody. So here’s my key to success, keep looking ahead. 🙂

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