Yes, how time flies. I still remember learning about SAD (Singles Awareness Day) through blogger Danny Foo last year.

As another Valentine’s Day passes and I am still single, and sometimes feel like a loser because everyone around me is attached one way or another and I am not, I wonder if I am SAD. Am I? Should I be? If so, why? Why must I be sad?

It’s not difficult to get a date tonight but I don’t want to give others false hopes. I sometimes wonder if I am meant to live my life alone. I have so many problems that I feel like I mustn’t burden someone else. Although I know that I could only rely on myself, if I need help and this other person doesn’t help me out because he is unwilling or unable to do so, that is going to seriously piss me off and would put a major strain on the relationship.

Maybe the timing is just not right yet or I haven’t met the person worth the trouble. The thing is I feel like I cannot place the level of commitment required in a relationship. I am just too free spirited and need plenty of space to do my own thing.

But for all you lovebirds out there, whether you are in a new relationship, or have been married for years already, I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day and may more come your way!
With love

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