Au Young de Clown

I went to Ipoh Parade on the evening of Valentine’s Day to catch a dance performance. Yea, I have NO life.

There were guys buying last minute Valentine’s gift, from bouquets of plastic flowers, real flowers and even balloon sculpture flowers. Older guys were seen buying more expensive jewelry gifts from diamond rings, pendants and other jewelry pieces. I say slightly expensive because we all know that these diamonds are actually just diamond chips.

There was this clown (and I don’t mean it in a degrading way), Au Young, who set up a stall selling balloon sculpture. I’m sure we all know how popular these things are. There was a male shopper who bought a pink coloured heart shaped balloon as Valentine’s gift; very cute but not practical as a Valentine’s gift because balloons don’t last.

I stopped by the stall and took some photos. Because I didn’t buy anything from them, they didn’t even bother to talk to me. I think that they could have taken the chance to further promote their service through me as I would be writing about them on my blog, though they didn’t know about it.

If you run a business and someone comes up to your booth or stall, even if she is not your customer, I think you should still seize the chance to “sell” your products and/or services. Don’t you think so?
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8 thoughts on “Au Young de Clown

  1. Yes. I agree. Good entreprenuers seize every chance they get to promote their wares. Seems like this clown is not a good businessman. Sad.

  2. I saw in the clown’s bunting… corporate shows? I really don’t think so… I had seen his “comedy magic” performance once in Ipoh Parade… Well, lets put it this way… I have seen way much better ones…! LOL…

  3. To all, I am very sorry. I really don’t know somebody posting this on myself since 2009. This is my first time to search clown on web. Normally I spend time on youtube only. 2009 is my third year of clowning. I was very very fresh during that time. I don’t know much what means clowning. I only know how to do balloon sculpture. NO clown act. After I get more experience from the master from other country and other states. Then only I know a little bit what is called clown. Nowadays I always come out new performance. Beside clowning. I have god of prosperity. i have rabbit mascot and etc. I need feed back from all of you. Actually This is not my full time job. That’s y i nvr think about advertising myself. but i changed my ideas after all these years. I need to find my working partners. I need to make people more happy by our company and develop more performance. I need a team. If you interested to join my team. Pls contact me. Your comment and advice is always welcome. Thank you very much. Lets grow together and give fun and happiness to every one.

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