I went to Ipoh Parade on the evening of Valentine’s Day to catch a dance performance. Yea, I have NO life.

There were guys buying last minute Valentine’s gift, from bouquets of plastic flowers, real flowers and even balloon sculpture flowers. Older guys were seen buying more expensive jewelry gifts from diamond rings, pendants and other jewelry pieces. I say slightly expensive because we all know that these diamonds are actually just diamond chips.

There was this clown (and I don’t mean it in a degrading way), Au Young, who set up a stall selling balloon sculpture. I’m sure we all know how popular these things are. There was a male shopper who bought a pink coloured heart shaped balloon as Valentine’s gift; very cute but not practical as a Valentine’s gift because balloons don’t last.

I stopped by the stall and took some photos. Because I didn’t buy anything from them, they didn’t even bother to talk to me. I think that they could have taken the chance to further promote their service through me as I would be writing about them on my blog, though they didn’t know about it.

If you run a business and someone comes up to your booth or stall, even if she is not your customer, I think you should still seize the chance to “sell” your products and/or services. Don’t you think so?
With love

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