No boyfriend, no husband, no lover, still can wish “Happy Valentine’s Day” wut, right? LOL here’s a rose for you. @}– > —- Ah, it has been such a long time since I chatted online and played with all these symbols!

Who is going out for Valentine’s dinner tonight? I heard that not only are Valentine’s dinner obscenely expensive and not worth the money, the food isn’t always that great either. And the crowd will definitely kill whatever lovey dovey ambience that the love birds were looking forward to. Go D.R. Park picnic better 😀

Talking about Valentine’s Day, there used to be an elderly couple who lived opposite my house. The man has since passed away while the wife has moved. Anyway, one year on the 15th of February, the man bought his wife a stalk of rose. Whoa, people say that experience comes with age and surely this man, who was already at least seventy then knew that roses will be sold at regular prices after Valentine’s Day and so he only bought it on the 15th.

I remember this very well because I was thinking, if he wanted cheap, he could at least bought a rose bud that has yet to bloom before 14th of February and keep it in the refrigerator or something. Giving a gift AFTER Valentine’s Day has already lost its meaning. How cheap but I guess we have to give him credit for following this Western trend of giving a stalk of rose which symbolizes “I love you” even though the both of them were really old.
With love

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