Yerrrrr Don’t Like Self Hosting :-(

One of my blogs is down. Has been for dunno how many hours. I don’t like it and I have money at stake there. Hate! Hate!! Hate!!! I may even be slapped with flags and bans. What can I do worrr??? I feel so helpless!

You know, if you self host, no matter how reliable your host says their servers are, it’s all bullshit. I have been told that servers are up 99% of the time but the next thing I know, the site was down for HOURS. Being a paid to blog blogger, I cannot afford that lah!

That’s why I spread out my blogs to different hosts, different servers. I don’t want them all to die together. I am sure my heart can’t take it. After such a long time hosting my own blogs, I still think that nothing can beat Blogger. There is such a large team behind Blogger that technical assistance is round the clock. No doubt, sometimes it may be slow, it may be down too but it is back up to speed pretty soon *sigh*

What to do? What to do????
With love

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