Gathering Of Vintage Cars In Ipoh

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Austin Healey 3000
Austin-Healey 3000

How lucky it was for me to come across this informal gathering of vintage cars in Ipoh (Stadium Perak car park) on a Sunday morning. Apparently, this is a weekly affair and vintage car owners in Ipoh and nearby towns take the trouble to get together to admire each other’s cars and showcase their classic vehicles to the public.

Austin Healey 3000 back
Austin-Healey 3000 back view

Fiat Marvelette classic car
Fiat Marvelette

Although there were only a few cars gathered the Sunday morning I was there, some of these owners own a few cars and they drive out different cars every week, so you actually have to come a few weeks to see all the vintage cars that these owners have.

Fiat Marvelette classic car
Fiat Marvelette side view

Fiat Marvelette vintage car
Fiat Marvelette back view


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