Gathering Of Vintage Cars In Ipoh

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I was told that there are many vintage cars in Ipoh but a lot of them are in “hiding”. Well, if you own a classic, I think you should come over on Sunday morning, show off your vintage car(s) to the public and make some new friends with fellow classic car enthusiasts.

original Morris Minor 1000
white Morris Minor 1000

original Morris Minor 1000
blue/yellow Morris Minor 1000

I marvel at the passion these owners have for their vintage vehicles. There’s no doubt they invest plenty of time, energy and money on their cars to keep them running in tip-top condition. I may go to Stadium Perak car park again next week to see what other classic cars are being displayed.

classic Morris Minor 1000
dark green Morris Minor 1000

classic Volvo 121
Volvo 121 back view

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