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Pasar Ramadan Stadium Perak

Jul 11, 2015 Author: Emily | Filed under: Goodie Foodie, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak

Finally managed to drop by the Ramadan bazaar at Stadium Perak, one of my favourite pasar Ramadan in Ipoh. I didn't take many photos as I was busy shopping, but then again, the bazaar offers almost the same fare that were available in previous years, as well as in the other bazaars around town. However, I did ... continue reading »

Pay It Forward in Ipoh

Apr 27, 2015 Author: Emily | Filed under: News, Photos - Xiaomi Redmi Note
pay it forward Ipoh

I have read about "Pay It Forward" ideas and how we can each do our part to make life just that little bit easier for our fellow mankind who are less fortunate. Pay It Forward has always been a Western concept but I am glad that it has now reached Ipoh. My friend, Nasaruddin Jaafar (Nas), ... continue reading »

Ipoh Vintage Car Club Chinese New Year Gathering

The Ipoh Vintage Car Club once again organised their annual gathering in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. It was also to celebrate the club's fourth anniversary. With support from hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors from Kuala Lumpur, this was one of the largest gatherings of the year. The God of Prosperity, whose role was played by Au ... continue reading »

pasar Ramadan Ipoh

Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me.... this year's Ramadhan bazaar at Stadium Perak seemed smaller compared to previously. Also, during my visit there a few days ago, the sky threatened to pour, hence there was not much of a crowd as well. Nevertheless, the hawkers were just as friendly as I remembered them to ... continue reading »

Colours of Pasar Tani Mega, Ipoh

May 31, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
pasar tani mega ipoh

It has been over a year since I last visited the weekly Saturday morning Pasar Tani Mega at the parking area of Stadium Perak. I wanted to see if there were anything new after all these months. While most of the vendors were regulars, there were some new wares offered. Today's post is a photo ... continue reading »

Ipoh Vintage Car Club

The new officially formed Ipoh Vintage Car Club organised a gathering among members, fellow vintage car hobbyists and friends, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, and the club's third anniversary. Yup, it was a double celebration of sorts. And to top it off, the God of Prosperity dropped by to bless everyone with, what else, ... continue reading »

Bazar Ramadan Stadium Di Ipoh

Jul 31, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Goodie Foodie, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Ramadan bazaar Ipoh

After a one year hiatus, I returned to the Ramadhan bazaar at the car park of Stadium Perak to find it has actually grown more vibrant and offers a lot more food choices, to the delight of locals. TURN NEXT PAGE FOR MORE FOOD PHOTOS... It was already 6pm and the sun was still beating down ... continue reading »

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