Sometime ago, someone told me, or maybe I read it somewhere [it_WAS_a long time ago] of this blog called Centrinads, whose tagline is “Where Bloggers Make Money”.

I was curious how bloggers can make money from that blog but it looks like the administrators are giving incentives to blog readers to leave comments on the blog. It looks like a good idea where both parties win. In the past two months since Centrinads has gone live, there are quite a lot of comments already. Hhmmmm my blog lacks a little interaction from readers. Perhaps I should offer the same too? 😀

Centrinads readers stand to gain anything from US$0.06 to US$1 for posting valid, on-topic comments on the blog. Comments are moderated so that earnings could be tabulated instantly.

So far, from what I read from the Archives, Centrinads is a blog on blogging and it makes a pretty interesting read if you are looking to improve on your blog in terms of content, traffic, Page Rank and such. I’ve got much to learn!
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