The First 5 Minutes

Many people have asked what my typical work day is like and my standard reply has been, “You don’t want to know!” LOL How convenient. Well, Fuel My Blog and are running a contest with an iPod up for grabs so I am attempting to put the first five minutes of my typical work day into words.

What I do every morning when I start my work day is to turn on my computer, if it is not already switched on, or restart the computer and check my email. I have four active email accounts. At the same time, I fire up three web browsers and open multiple tabs from my Favorites. I have three folders of links that I must check daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

The first folder has links to seven websites, the second folder has fifteen and the third folder has sixteen. Yes, for the purpose of this post, I actually counted LOL and yes, I do read through all these 38 sites, blogs or forums and at the same time, check my eBay and Lelong listings for bids and feedback. Did I get a negative feedback? 😛 I would also be replying to the important email, private messages and SMS messages.

Am I able to do all these in the first five minutes of my work day? Yes, if there is no new content in most of my Favorite sites, no email and SMS messages to reply to!

What about YOUR first five minutes of a typical work day?
With love

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