As you know, I have just started my 16th blog, eleven of which are WordPress powered blogs and I tell you, I have just about surfed to all websites that offer free WordPress themes. Yes, I only look for free WordPress themes, or free Premium WordPress themes. Hehe It really is so difficult to find free WordPress themes that meet my standards and I do have very high standards indeed!

Today, I went to Blog Oh! Blog to download my favorite PopBlue 3-column theme and Jai, the owner of Blog Oh! Blog has added quite a few free as well as Premium WordPress themes to his database. If you have been looking for WordPress themes, do check out Blog Oh! Blog. You know what, despite its popularity, I only discovered it last year. Have I been living under a stone or something?

Besides offering Free, Premium and Custom WordPress themes, Jai also writes about other WordPress issues, like the recent development of WordPress platform which I whole-heartedly agree with him how WP v2.3 is way friendlier and accessible than WP v2.5, and an eBook on SEO for beginners which I just downloaded. I MAY own many blogs but they are not SEO-ified so I definitely need this eBook.

Blog #17 is in the works and I will be checking Blog Oh! Blog once again for the free WordPress themes. Hope there will be more to choose from then!
With love

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