The other day, I was pretty bummed when I lost half my data on my hard disk due to the stupidity of the junior technician. Yeah, I know I should have backed up my data, which I did, just that the files were not the latest. I thought that I would only run CHKDISK as I was alerted to when I returned from shopping. So I shut off my computer and when I came home, to my horror, I was not able to turn it back on.

I didn’t have a cross cable with me so I thought that I would send it to the shop and see what’s the matter and if a format was necessary, to back up my data FIRST before proceeding. Well, this junior technician just installed the Operating System without first accessing my hard disk from another primary disk. He said that he could not access my C drive because of the Blue Screen of Death.

Well, of course he could not! I couldn’t either. That’s why I sent it to them so that they could use it as a secondary drive. DUH!

That evening, I went to Kinta City and I saw this clown. Well, when you’re pissed with what happened earlier in the day, seeing a clown will surely bring a smile to your face.

I walked up to him and asked if I could get his picture and he said something like, “Yeah, sure, no problem.” I forgot his actual words, though. And he posed for me. Look at his gear, especially the gloves and the pacifier hanging around his neck. This clown became my iPhone wallpaper for a little while. 🙂
With love

2 thoughts on “Clown

  1. Hi Mike,

    Yeah, he did for a little while. I was surprised to see a clown as it wasn’t even a special occasion that warranted the appearance of a clown!

    And the poor guy was alone, chatting with a lady as it was still early in the evening.

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