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Ca$h, Please

If you have a blog, you may want to participate in a contest that is being run on EzMoneyOn.Net in conjunction with their launch. You know, in February, I did not win any contest so I hope that I will win this in March. Ca$h only, please. I could then continue to keep my blog ad-free for a while longer.

EzMoneyOn.Net is actually a joint venture blog between two ladies, Simonne and Diana, who generously share their experience on how to make money online. Of course, I would like to learn how. Money, where got enough wan?

Like always, I will be so kiasu and maximize my chances of winning by writing this post with two links pointing to their contest and homepage, subscribing to their RSS feed via Google Feed Reader and email and write them a recommendation on EntreCard. This will gain me a total of eight entries.

The only thing I am not doing is to write a post on each of my blogs. Crazy meh? Where got time, even if Monday is President’s Day?
With love

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