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This Spring Festival holiday, I “eat full nothing to do” and was browsing the web when I came across some freebies online and decided to put them together to create my first iPhone skin. It’s called “Go Green” based on the theme of the icon set.

I haven’t actually tried this out on my iPhone yet because I am going to upgrade my firmware later this week so there’s no point installing it on my iPhone, you see. So if it doesn’t work as well as it looks on my screen, just leave me a comment but please don’t diss me. LOL

I have included the download file in this post; credits are duly given in an attached text file. Enjoy and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Update – 20th Feb, 2010: This Go Green iPhone skin has been tested on my own iPhone and it works as you can see from the updated screenshot above. So, go ahead and install it!

Download: Go Green iPhone Skin
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  1. That does look pretty awesome! 🙂 I don’t have an iPhone though… I’d never want to spend that much on a cellphone :\

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