I Don’t Mind Another Nokia

Three weeks ago, I got to know that Forumer™ is celebrating their fourth birthday by giving away a Nokia N810 in a sweepstakes. Geeee….. How long does it take me to come up with an entry?? This is a contest that I cannot pass up. I am sure you know how unhappy I am with my Nokia E61i. I really don’t mind another Nokia EXCEPT that this Nokia N810 does not support 3G.

How many times must I stress that in Asia, we are already running on 3.6G?? Americans and Europeans really have some catching up to do. For gadgets that only support wi-fi, without wi-fi, they are practically useless because most apps will not work.

With 2MP built-in camera only ….. that is just so yesterday. As far as I know N810 does not even have a camera because it is essentially a UMPC.

Nokia N810 only has 2GB of space compared to my 8GB iPhone. I loaded a few music albums and a movie and 2GB was gone. Despite the shortcomings of Nokia N810 compared to my current iPhone and Nokia E61i, I still want to win it.

With love

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