Chinese Drum Performance & MJ Nada Michael Jackson Lookalike Videos

I made my way to Kinta City last evening to catch a “drum performance” as written in the Chinese New Year programme schedule. I was telling everyone that I MUST shoot a video of this as I love this performance and would like to have this on video even though I have watched it a few times already. I said that I kept missing the chance for the past few years already so I must not miss out on this too. That was why I went even though the show started at 5pm and you know, I would usually be in bed at that time. LOL

Anyway, I was disappointed that the drum performance wasn’t the one that I was expecting. I really wanted to watch a drum synchronization performance where there would be 15 drummers or so performing at the same time but this one was like a lion dance performance without the lion. But since I was there, I just shot it though I wasn’t happy with it.

Video (below): Chinese drum performance

After one round at the supermarket, on my way out, I caught this. And thank God it saved the day. It’s a performance by MJ Nada, a local Michael Jackson lookalike.

MJ Nada
MJ Nada in action

He performed a dance, which I caught on video as you can watch below and lip-synced to “Beat It” which I didn’t managed to get on video. All the more reason to replace my camera. No, I’m not replacing the memory card since this isn’t even my own camera. Anyway, I was amused and entertained by MJ Nada’s performances. Enjoy!

Video (below): MJ Nada

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