The Doraemon Test

Phew, I am back but my brains are fried after banging out over a hundred posts over the past couple of days. However, this post is not about how I sweated blood but about comparison shots of Nokia E61i vs. iPhone that I initially wanted to blog about the other day.


These were taken last week at Ipoh Parade. They are having a Doraemon promotion during the month of December in conjunction with Christmas. As you can see, they have hung Doraemon cut-outs from the ceiling.

Nokia E61i

I took these shots with Nokia E61i and iPhone and for the first two shots, I stood at the same spot. The shot taken with Nokia E61i was at 1X zoom.

Once again, iPhone surprised me with its quality. The colour is so rich while the colour from Nokia looks washed out. Disappointing.

Nokia E61i

Here are some other shots taken at different angles.



What do you think?
With love

2 thoughts on “The Doraemon Test

  1. Hi Auddra,

    Yes, it’s very hard to get a good shot with Nokia E61i. It’s like a gamble.

    To me, a good camera (or camera phone) needs to give good shots every single time. Maybe my expectations are too high LOL

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