It’s been a while since I updated my blog. So what is new, eh? Been busy lately. But here’s good news.

This was my very first shot taken with the iPhone. Can you recognise Starbucks? I was sitting outside and took a picture of the inside through the glass partition. They have dim yellow lighting inside and it was taken at about 9.30pm.

Well, I was rather happy with the quality of the shot except for the man who came into my frame just as I was capturing the picture. Yerrrr spoilt my picture already! Geram!

I know that if I were to shoot a similar picture with my E61i, it would not appear as good. If you do not know yet, E61i fails terribly with night shots.

Also, considering that the iPhone only has a “capture” button but the E61i has four zoom levels, night mode, sequence mode and self timer, I think the iPhone is able to give better quality shots generally. And the image is saved as soon as the picture is captured for the iPhone while for Nokia E61i, it takes a week. 😀

What do you think of the quality?
With love

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