Brain Drain

Aiyoh, I brain dead drain, man. Spent the past couple of days blogging & blogging and after everything is completed, I just want a little rest and recreation. Man, when this happens, I really miss my page rank *sob* And then only I come here and write whatever I want without having to follow anybody’s rules except my own.

Last evening, I went to Courts [no more “Mammoth”, ah?] to check if they have any office desks and cabinets. You know, I’m only free to go shopping in the late evenings and by then all the Chinaman furniture shops are already closed so I don’t have much of a choice.

Well, Courts do not have anything that I want to buy but I saw that they are having a mega sale of up to 80% discount on most of their big-priced items plus buyers only have to pay their first instalment after thirty days. Cool, huh?

Can you imagine having to install EVERYTHING that you have at home, from the car to the house to the living room and bedroom furniture sets, kitchen cabinets, TV set, and other home electrical appliances, computer, laptop, hi-fi set, digital camera and even mobile devices?

And we have yet to include insurance, living and household expenses, gasoline and transportation expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. Eeekkk what is the minimum income that will enable one to live comfortably in Malaysia?
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2 thoughts on “Brain Drain

  1. pssst… you know what, most Malay bachelors did that, install for everything right down to mobile phone even… no offense but that’s what I observed 😛

  2. _butt, not only bachelors. Married men also do that 😀 I’d get totally stressed out knowing I have X amount to settle every month!

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