This Is How It Feels Like

….. to be bitch slapped by Google.

I was out shopping at a gift store a couple of evenings ago when I saw this Moo Cow with a black eye and I know that is how I feel like after being bitch slapped by Google.

Ah, I should stop talking about it already except that my rank continues to fall even as I am writing this post. Why is that so? Is it because big brother G is watching and see that I have continued to publish my posts like I did all along for the past year?

Anyway, I have decided to use this template though I need to get it fine tuned. Can anyone help me, please?? I like the layout but I don’t like brown. I never liked brown and yet ended up buying a couple of dresses that are brown in colour. I also hated green and then I was assigned to the “Green House” sports team of my school. Yeerrrr

Also, I want to thank the two people who signed up to my RSS FEED. I don’t know who you are but thank you, terima kasih & xie xie (is this how you spell it?)!

I still want to run a contest as I said in an earlier post. What do you guys want to win actually? Cash? Vouchers? Hosting? Flickr Pro account? Premiums? Gadgets?
With love

3 thoughts on “This Is How It Feels Like

  1. sori to hear of ur blogs’ PR dropped. Maybe they’ll go back up the nx update? Ur template looks clean and nice. I see beige in ur sidebars and wood-like image for the background?
    Why not change it from ur stylesheet? Wei, dont tell me a pro like u don’t know how to change colors woh? *piak piak buntut* then u kno.

    Abt the contest, since most bloggers now have a Paypal a/c, perhaps cash prize of USD Paypal-ed to them would be attractive? but that’s just me 🙂

    mommibee’s last blog post..Buying a used car made easy

  2. My my, are u online now? Dont 4get to allocate time for Park-Toh! I 4got to ask if u’d like me to link u at my It’s only a PR2 tho. Let me kno and I’ll take care of it. I’ll come back tonight to see ur answer if any. Goin to the mall now. *sigh* once u hv kids, time is not urs anymore.

  3. Mommibee,

    Thanks for your link. I’d love to be linked from your other blog as well. Anything is better than ZERO. You don’t have to come back and check for my reply because you will be notified via email. Cool leh… 😀

    I really dont know how to meddle with the codes and stuff. I will get headache wan. Thanks also for your suggestion of Cash as prize. I still need to come up with an interesting contest, though.

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