….. to be bitch slapped by Google.

I was out shopping at a gift store a couple of evenings ago when I saw this Moo Cow with a black eye and I know that is how I feel like after being bitch slapped by Google.

Ah, I should stop talking about it already except that my rank continues to fall even as I am writing this post. Why is that so? Is it because big brother G is watching and see that I have continued to publish my posts like I did all along for the past year?

Anyway, I have decided to use this template though I need to get it fine tuned. Can anyone help me, please?? I like the layout but I don’t like brown. I never liked brown and yet ended up buying a couple of dresses that are brown in colour. I also hated green and then I was assigned to the “Green House” sports team of my school. Yeerrrr

Also, I want to thank the two people who signed up to my RSS FEED. I don’t know who you are but thank you, terima kasih & xie xie (is this how you spell it?)!

I still want to run a contest as I said in an earlier post. What do you guys want to win actually? Cash? Vouchers? Hosting? Flickr Pro account? Premiums? Gadgets?
With love

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