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Brain Drain

Mar 16, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone

Aiyoh, I brain dead drain, man. Spent the past couple of days blogging & blogging and after everything is completed, I just want a little rest and recreation. Man, when this happens, I really miss my page rank *sob* And then only I come here and write whatever I want without having to follow anybody’s ... continue reading »

Busy Busy Busy!

Nov 13, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal
With love

I've been so busy lately even with less blogging I thought that I could bring up this baby but I have been bad, have not written here and absolutely no time to network at all. Bah... it's not that I don't want to do up a nice blog for this, heck it carries my name ... continue reading »

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