The Hangman’s Noose [Tali Gantung]

I went to Tesco Extra last night and there was an exhibition on prisoners’ craftwork and carpentry. These were for sale too. There were posters on display about life in prison, to scare us so that we will not land in prison ourselves, and there was this hangman’s noose, or tali gantung in Malay, on display.

I have actually seen this exhibition quite a few times in various malls since the prison department is trying to sell the work of the prisoners. Furniture and other household items are sold but I will never buy them. Besides the fact that they look crude, I cannot imagine myself using something that was made by a person who was serving his prison term for whatever crime he committed. And it is not as if these were sold cheaper than other factory manufactured items. But then don’t be surprise to see a big “SOLD” tag on these items!

When I was taking a photo of this hangman’s noose, by the way, I hate to take pictures of glass panels as I will always be reflected in it, a shopper stopped in front of this display, and you can see his reflection as well, and asked incredulously, “TALI GANTUNG??? TALI GANTUNG??? Who wants to hang? Wah… very dangerous to keep in the house!”

This guy thought that this hangman’s noose was for sale as well. But I didn’t correct him. In fact, I didn’t even talk to him. I don’t talk to strangers unless they walk right in front of me and I could not escape.
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  1. Hmmm…that tali gantung sure looks creepy. Like you, I also won’t buy anything made in prisons…not that I don’t wanna support their fund-raising drives or whatever – it’s just that i believe such places do have negative energy and some of that could be stuck/transferred onto whatever that comes out from there…hehe!

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