Floral Display

I went to one of the smaller shopping complexes near my home earlier this evening and they were having a display of various items for sale from shoes to digital cameras to something called Dempo Snow [do they work?] to bling blings and of course, as you can see in this post, FLOWERS.

I love flowers and even dream of owning a rose garden but I don’t have the time nor the mood for it. I do have enough space for flowers in my garden but flowers really need lots of time to nurture and I could ill afford them at this point.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to shoot these photos with my iPhone. See, I took ten shots and six of them are good enough for web publishing. I am sure that if I have used my Nokia E61i, most of the photos would not turn out well enough.

Question: Should I upgrade to Nokia E71 with 3.2MP built-in camera with flash?

As you can see from this series of photos, having a good product is one thing, presentation is another. I love the way that these flowers were displayed. Each plant has sufficient space to grow. Even in presenting something for sale, one needs to be creative.

You wouldn’t know it, but these flowers are all artificial flowers. I wonder who would fork out RM50 – RM100 per plant just to display these at home. Ah… I know; people who love flowers but are not willing to spend time planting, watering and taking care of them. People like me, except that I will never buy fake flowers! Hmmm come to think of it, I will never buy real flowers too. LOL

With love

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