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Spreading Positive Vibes Through LED Screen Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our lives have changed drastically following the Covid-19 pandemic, and it can be overwhelming at times. Indeed, no one can dispute that the impact of the current novel Coronavirus pandemic is a situation that we have not experienced before.

Amid this precarious situation, Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall has made an effort to spread positive vibes through its LED (light-emitting diode) Advertising Screen. After the imposition of the MCO (Movement Control Order), positive and encouraging messages have been displayed on the LED screen daily in hopes of bringing comfort and solace to the local community.

“It’s been more than three months since we started putting up messages on the screen. We hope that these messages would help uplift the mood of the public in trying times as such. Psychosocial support is crucial, we need one another to pull through the crisis and we are definitely stronger together,” said its Advertising and Promotions Assistant Manager Lim Huey Tyng.

Ipoh Parade spreads positive vibes

Apart from its one-liner message that reads, “Welcome Back Shoppers” following the mall’s reopening, other recent messages that were spotted on the screen include “Maintain ZERO Covid-19 local transmission! This RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order), be a civic-minded rakyat. Follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) wherever you go. Together we can fight COVID-19!” to remind the public to be vigilant, and adhere to the Health Ministry’s SOPs in combating the COVID-19 infection.

The mall intends to continue its initiative that has been ongoing for the past three months.

When Ipoh Parade underwent major refurbishment works in 2013, the mall had the colour-shifting glass panels installed to improve the appearance of its main entrance, including a massive LED Advertising Screen. The final product is one that’s practical in its function and aesthetically pleasing in its architecture, consequently projecting Ipoh Parade as a herald of modernity to the charming city of Ipoh.

In 2015, Ipoh Parade was officially pronounced the national titleholder for owning the “Biggest Outdoor LED Advertising Screen”. The title was awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records, which acknowledged that the glass-panelled structure forming Ipoh Parade’s entrance along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah as being an architectural marvel, and deserving of being ranked amongst the “Best of the Nation”.

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