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Screening of ‘Angel & Devil’

It was two years ago that Chu Chong Sing, a young teacher from from SJK(C) Khay Hwa in Kampung Sungai Kerang, Trong, filmed the movie, Angel and Devil (Malaikat dan Syaitan). However, it was only last weekend that the public was able to watch the 105-minute motivational movie, and for free too, courtesy of the Perak State Government. The movie was screened at the State Secretariat Building’s multipurpose hall for two consecutive days.

Angel and Devil Malaikat dan Syaitan
the cast checking out “Pandora’s Box”

This movie was filmed entirely with a digital compact camera. But what it lacked in technical quality, it made up with the strong message the movie carried. It was about the struggles faced by teachers, students and also parents and how they eventually overcame their predicament.

Angel and Devil Malaikat dan Syaitan
the two large screens

The movie, with a dialogue of a mixture of Mandarin and Hokkien, had its funny moments, despite the serious theme. The cast was made up entirely of amateurs; students from SJK(C) Khay Hwa, their parents, and even the school’s janitor and canteen workers. According to Teacher Chu, who took on the role of a teacher in the movie, even the Chairman of the school’s Board of Directors had a part.

Angel and Devil Malaikat dan Syaitan
the audience

Chen Long (lead actor Low Boon Khai), a student, was very disheartened with life, and sought to commit suicide. Just when he was about to do so, he was stopped by an angel and a devil (acted by Wai Gia Xao), who negotiated a deal with him. They said that he could only die in six months’ time, and in the meantime, they would grant him three wishes.

Angel and Devil Malaikat dan Syaitan
presenting copies of DVDs to sponsors

In those six months, Chen Long, with the help of the angel and devil, became a better student, respected at school and well-loved at home. Soon, six months flew by and it was time for Chen Long to die but he changed his mind and wanted to continue living now. The angel and devil said that was not possible. What happened then? Did Chen Long die? If not, why? How did he get out of the deal? You’d have to watch the DVD to find out.

Angel and Devil Malaikat dan Syaitan
the teacher’s car in Angel and Devil

Event: Screening of ‘Angel and Devil’ (Malaikat dan Syaitan)
Venue: Bangunan SUK multi-purpose hall
Date / Time: 14th Jan, 2012 (10am) & 15th Jan, 2012 (2pm)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mpipchu

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