How to Apply for Indian Tourist Visa in Ipoh?

I recently applied for a tourist visa to India. So, today, here’s a post to share with readers the process of applying for an Indian tourist visa in Ipoh.

apply India tourist visa Ipoh
1. frontage of India Visa Centre, Ipoh

Although tourists can apply for the Indian e-Tourist Visa online (link), I decided to go to the Visa Outsource Centre in Ipoh and paid an additional RM25 as service fee.

What’s required:
*Passport (original)
*two copies of photo of applicant for Indian Visa (white background / size: 2in X 2in)
*travel itinerary in India (including accommodation and contact number in India)
*fees: RM220 (visa application fee) + RM25 (service fee). Cash terms only.

apply India tourist visa Ipoh
2. inside India Visa Centre, Ipoh

Those who do not have the required photographs may take an instant photo at the booth in the centre. This is a separate charge.

At the visa centre, applicants have to undergo mandatory collection of Biometric Data of the face and all ten fingerprints.

Submission of visa is from 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. Approval requires four working days. Tourist visa is valid for six months from date of travel.

Visa collection is strictly from 4pm to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday).

India Visa Centre
Add: 120, Jalan Sultan Yussof, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-255 4009 / +6016-388 4009

Business hours:
9am – 5.30pm (Monday – Friday)
Closed on Saturday / Sunday / Indian Public Holiday

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22 thoughts on “How to Apply for Indian Tourist Visa in Ipoh?

  1. hmmm although it seems easy to do the visa in the centre, i personally still prefer doing it online 🙂 which part of india will you be going to?

  2. Hi.. is it necessary to prepared itinerary for travelling for example as you mention about accommodation and contact number in India? I can not estimate yet cause I’m going there as backpacker. hope you can help me. thank you.

  3. Hye emily I found this post when m searching for visa centre in ipoh. Thanks a lot for the info. May I noe.. hw many days bfore we should apply for visa bfore we r living to india.

  4. Hi Ubj,

    The process takes four working days, so any time before that is fine. However, I would apply two weeks before my trip to allow sufficient time to settle whatever issue that may arise.

  5. Thanks for the info em.. Just a quick one… I can go there directly and the staff will help me to fill the form and I Jz need to put 25/- for their service.. Right?

  6. Sir/madam
    If I want to take Indian visa for 4 people and how much it will cost?
    So if I come this Monday/Tuesday (16/10/2017-17/10/2017) can?

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