Perak State Public Library, Ipoh

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Perak Library
Perak State Public Library

Although I pass by the Perak State Public Library often enough, I have never set foot inside; never had the occasion to. See, I am not a bookworm and even though I do like to read, I used to patronise the Tun Razak Library along Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, and that only to get what I need and read at the comfort of home. I can never understand how people can be comfortable “studying” in the library for hours on end, wearing fancy clothes, sitting properly and whispering!

Perak Library Ipoh
Welcome to the Perak State Public Library @ Ipoh, Perak

side view
side view of the Perak State Public Library

So the Origami Demonstration & Workshop (Demonstrasi Dan Bengkel Origami) gave me a reason to visit the Perak State Public Library and because I arrived extremely early for the Workshop, I had plenty of time to walk around and of course, take some photos!

Perak Library
Public Library side building

library cafeteria
library cafeteria

I remember being there on a Saturday morning. I guess it is one of the busiest times of libraries. I was told that we are not allowed to take a bag into the library, unless it’s a handbag. However, because I was a member of the public and was there for the Origami Workshop, I was allowed to enter with my shoulder bag. Phew, luckily!

library entrance
gateway to knowledge

at the library
reading corner


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12 thoughts on “Perak State Public Library, Ipoh

  1. I remember when i was in my secondary, my friends and i would walked all the way from SMI to this library ~ you must be wondering why since we have the national library next to us ~ hehehe, cause convent is nearby there!!! hehehe,

  2. erm..i’m going to tis library 2moro..can u tell me the operation hour since its very confusing in their website plus i’ve never been to there before..

  3. Ya..the library open at 8:30 on weekday and close around 5-6pm if I not mistaken…haha..except public holiday ..enjoy ^-^

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