Origami 101 With Japanese Origami Masters

origami heart
my brown heart (sad that it’s not red)

As mentioned in my previous post on origami, I am revealing my own origami efforts in a separate post. These are what I folded at the Origami Demonstration and Workshop. We were fortunate to have the Workshop conducted by three Japanese Origami Masters, as mentioned: Mr. Makoto Yamaguchi, Ms. Eiko Matsuura and Ms. Miyuki Kawamura.

origami shirt
XL shirt taught by Mr. Yamaguchi

I did a Google search on them and found that they are respected figures in the world of Origami.

Japanese cushion
Japanese cushion as taught by Mr. Yamaguchi

Mr. Makoto Yamaguchi, for example, is a professional origami creator involved with origami workshops around the world. Mr. Yamaguchi is so involved in origami that he founded “Gallery Origami House” to showcase origami creations. He is also the Secretary-General of JOAS (Japanese Origami Academic Society), Board member of NOA (Nippon Origami Association), member of Origami USA and British Origami Society and Chief Editor of “Origami Tantiedan” magazine. Mr. Yamaguchi is also the author of a few books on origami; Origami in English, Let’s Enjoy Paper Folding Vol. 1 & 2, Kusudama Ball Origami, Tanoshii Origami Tenshu and Joyful Life with Origami. In all, he has written more than eighty books!

origami bird
red bird, should have been brown taught by Ms. Eiko Matsuura

Ms. Eiko Matsuura is a staff of “Gallery Origami House” since 1999 and an assistant to Mr. Makoto Yamaguchi. Like Mr. Yamaguchi, she is also a member of Japanese Origami Academic Society (JOAS). Ms. Matsuura graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design in 1996.

unit origami
unit origami in progress

Ms. Miyuki Kawamura is truly an illustrious origami creator and author, and a world recognised specialist in “Unit Origami” (aka Modular Origami). This is an origami art where many units of the same shape are assembled together to form a final origami model. In 1993, she won an award at the 9th International Origami Exhibition for her creation “Twistar”. Ms. Kawamura holds an MA in Physics from Kobe University, Japan.

modular origami
unit origami as taught by Ms. Miyuki Kawamura

As you can see, we were very fortunate to learn from the masters of the art origami who came all the way from Japan. I take my hat off to them for their patience, travelling the world to conduct workshops like these, teaching just basic origami, even though they are specialists in the field.

Read all about the Origami Demonstration & Workshop (Demonstrasi Dan Bengkel Origami) HERE.

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