Month-long Celebration of Childhood Happiness @ Ipoh Parade

Children’s Day falls on 20th November annually, but as usual, Ipoh Parade has the tradition of celebrating children for a full month. This year is no different. Its month-long programme kicked off yesterday with dance performances by kids from Tadika Loew, Tadika Cekap Pintar, Tadika Cenderawasih and Taska & Tadika Aman.

Happy Children's Day
Happy Children’s Day

The annual Kindergarten Performances at Ipoh Parade take place over three weekends from 3rd to 18th November. Approximately 1,833 children from 23 kindergartens in Ipoh will showcase their talents at Ipoh Parade’s Main Atrium, on Saturday and Sunday.

These stage performances include story-telling, public speaking, singing and dancing. These adorable young talents are sure to captivate shoppers with their creativity and cuteness.

Check out this schedule:

4th Nov (Sunday)
11.30am – Taska & Tadika Choo
1.30pm – Yuk Choy Kindergarten
3.30pm – Tadika Methodist Ipoh
5.30pm – The One Pre-School

10th Nov (Saturday)
11.30am – Kinder Castle Day Care Centre
1.30pm – Tadika Bijak Unggul
3.30pm – Tadika Ipoh Baptist / Tadika 3C / Kindergrace
5.30pm – SmarterMinds Kindergarten

11th Nov (Sunday)
11.30am – Tiny-Tots Montessori
1.30pm – Tadika Kinderjoy
3.30pm – Big Apple Eduworld
5.30pm – Tadika Swasta Parlimen Tambun

17th Nov (Saturday)
11.30am – Tadika Tiny Totos
1.30pm – Tadika Minda Arif
3.30pm – Pusat Jagaan Sri Manja
5.30pm – Tadika Junior Berjaya

18th Nov (Sunday)
11.30am – Tadika Pilihan Kanak-kanak
1.30pm – Children’s House
3.30pm – Tadika & Taska UK Permai
5.30pm – Taska La Petite

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