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Month-long Celebration of Childhood Happiness @ Ipoh Parade

Nov 4, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

Children's Day falls on 20th November annually, but as usual, Ipoh Parade has the tradition of celebrating children for a full month. This year is no different. Its month-long programme kicked off yesterday with dance performances by kids from Tadika Loew, Tadika Cekap Pintar, Tadika Cenderawasih and Taska & Tadika Aman. The annual Kindergarten Performances at ... continue reading »

Ipoh Parade Children’s Day Celebration 2016

Oct 5, 2016 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

Children's Day is celebrated in Malaysia on the fourth Saturday of October. In conjunction with this special occasion, Ipoh Parade is commemorating it with a month-long celebration by inviting children from numerous kindergartens in the community to join in the festivity. For three weekends, children take turns to perform on stage at the main atrium, making ... continue reading »

World Children’s Day

A series of performances by kids from kindergartens in Ipoh was held for four days recently in Ipoh Parade to celebrate World Children's Day. Children's Day in Malaysia is observed on the last Saturday of October annually. I caught some of the performances on Sunday, and am happy to share the photos and a short video ... continue reading »

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