Ipoh Parade Children’s Day Celebration 2016

Children’s Day is celebrated in Malaysia on the fourth Saturday of October. In conjunction with this special occasion, Ipoh Parade is commemorating it with a month-long celebration by inviting children from numerous kindergartens in the community to join in the festivity.

For three weekends, children take turns to perform on stage at the main atrium, making use of this platform provided by the popular shopping mall to present their talent to the public. A total of 1,500 children from over 20 kindergartens will participate in these weekend showcases.

concert programme
concert programme

This annual event is slightly different this year. Ipoh Parade is collaborating with local celebrity Baki Zainal to raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation in Malaysia.

Baki kick-started the Malaysian Celebrities Go Green (MCG2) initiative in 2008, to highlight the importance of preserving the country’s diverse eco-system and protecting its natural resources. This ingenuity sparked a series of eco-related programmes and talks around the country.

As Children’s Day has always been about promoting the welfare of children and protecting their rights, Ipoh Parade’s partnership with Baki Zainal is an effort to raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation in order to secure a cleaner future for generations to come.

Baki Zainal (L) promotes the conservation of marine life in Malaysia
Baki Zainal (L) promotes the conservation of marine life in Malaysia

This is being done via a photography exhibition where the photos were obtained from a photo contest held on Baki Zainal’s Instagram page in May 2016. In the contest, fans and followers submitted images that highlight water resources in Malaysia with the hashtag #ItsAboutTime. Ipoh Parade is only one of the locations to host this exhibition.

“While Ipoh itself isn’t located along the coastline, we strongly empathise and identify with the need to protect one of the nation’s richest natural resources—our seas,” said Mr. Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager for Ipoh Parade.

“In the same light where Ipoh wouldn’t merit its status as a tourist destination without its gaping limestone caves, scenic mountains, and pristine lakes, Malaysia would be undeserving of being hailed a maritime country if its coral reefs are blanketed by murky waters. More importantly, we owe it to the future generation, our children, to protect and conserve our seas so they may enjoy it as we have,” he added.

To complement the celebration, a Fair is held from 30th September to 16th October at the concourse area of the mall. Shoppers who spend RM128 and above in a single receipt are eligible to redeem a cute tumbler for children at no additional cost, while stocks last. Don’t miss out or you’d lose out!

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  1. Haven’t been to Ipoh in awhile but the celebration looks like its really going to be fun for everyone 🙂 Cheers to the share dear.

  2. Oh wow… this is pretty awesome… I wish I could have been there to join in… nothing like putting ourselves in children’s shoes.. and sometimes learning a thing or two from them

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