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MKA dog show Ipoh Perak

like a princess

I have returned from SMJK Perempuan Perak where two (299th & 300th) MKA All Breeds Championship Dog Shows and a Junior Handling Competition are being held today. I tell you, the human traffic was horrendous but we share one thing in common: the love for dogs.

shih tzu dog grooming

shih tzu all dolled up

pet grooming

applying mascara

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would love to because it was impossible to get near the ring where the dogs were being exhibited but I got to get up close to some of the dogs that were being groomed. I understand that some of these participants are from outstation so they needed touching up!

MKA dog show Perak

grooming in progress

MKA dog show Ipoh Perak

I’m sad

Photo shooting conditions were very challenging for me. Pet photography is another kettle of fish. Besides, Samsung ST600, though equipped with a multitude of scene modes, does not have “pet mode”. I had to turn on the flash to get some decent photos or the dog would turn out as just a ball of fur but then some owners disallow the use of flash so that certainly limited the number of photographs that I could shoot. I was happy enough to be in the company of dogs, though!

pomeranians dogs

pomeranians on a table


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