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Taking care of an invalid dog has got to be one of the worst experiences one could have. It’s been hell, something which I wouldn’t wish even on my worst enemy. On one hand, it’s fortunate that I enjoy time flexibility doing what I do for a living but on the other hand, I just can’t sit down long enough to do some serious work. Besides, inspiration has flown out the window, as you could judge from the sparse content of this blog.

During the early days since Snoopy fell ill, I have been playing games on Facebook non-stop but those games can only hold my attention so much. Lately, though, I have discovered this hot TVB actor by the name of Kevin Cheng Ka Wing (鄭嘉穎) and I have spent this past week catching up on his old TVB dramas.

It’s strange that although I do watch TVB dramas occasionally before Snoopy fell ill, I just never watched any by Kevin Cheng; that was until I watched Hard Fate [翡翠戀曲] last month.

Hard Fate is a 30-episode TVB drama with an awful casting. Flora Chan totally needs a stylist and pairing her with Damien Lau was a poor choice. Granted, both are awesome actors in their own right but there was just no chemistry in this couple. No regrets, though. In Hard Fate, Kevin Cheng stood out and I have since then watched one Kevin Cheng TVB drama after another.

Mind Your Own Business [開心華之里]

The Legendary Twins [绝代双骄]

Network Love Story
Burning Flame II [烈火雄心 II]
Slim Chances [我要Fit一Fit]

The Threat of Love II [LovingYou 我愛你 2]
Better Halves [金牌冰人]
Point of No Return [西關大少]
Not Just A Pretty Face [美麗在望]
Life Begins At Forty [花样中年]

Hard Fate [翡翠戀曲]
Placebo Cure [心理心裏有個謎]
Split Second [爭分奪秒]

Yummy Yummy (Food for Life)

Trimming Success [飛短留長父子兵]
Under the Canopy of Love [天幕下的戀人]

Devil’s Disciples [強劍]
Life Art [寫意人生]
The Ultimate Crime Fighter [通天幹探]

The Seventh Day [最美麗的第七天]
Forensic Heroes II [法證先鋒 II]
Last One Standing [與敵同行]

Burning Flame III [烈火雄心 III]
Beyond the Realm of Conscience [宮心計]

To Be Announced:
Iron Horse Seeking Bridge [鐵馬尋橋]

* The Tigers: The Legend of Canton 《廣東五虎之鐵拳無敵孫中山》 (1993)
* 《香江花月夜》(1994)
* 《假男假女》
* 《Fing頭 K王之王》
* Super Fans 《甜心粉絲王》 (2007)
* Wonder Women 《女人本色》 (2007)

I found this list of Kevin Cheng dramas and movies and am going to work down the list. So far, I have already watched Hard Fate [翡翠戀曲], The Seventh Day [最美麗的第七天] and Under The Canopy of Love [天幕下的戀人], where he won Best Actor for his role as Alan Sum Long. I don’t think his role was that outstanding in Under The Canopy of Love to deserve a Best Actor award and in fact, Bosco Wong has a more memorable character but who cares? LOL

Right now, I am watching Life Art [寫意人生], a drama which sees Kevin Cheng pairing up with Gigi Lai. What a lovely couple they make, it’s surreal. Anyway, I only watched two episodes now but at my rate of watching five episodes or more per day, I would be able to complete this 20-episode drama in the next few days.

Next up would probably be The Ultimate Crime Fighter [通天幹探] or maybe I should take a break from dramas and watch his movie, Super Fans [甜心粉絲王]. Looks like Kevin Cheng can, for the time being, help me take my mind off the pain of caring for Snoopy.
With love

5 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng Forever

  1. I too am a ardent fan of Kevin Cheng altho I must admit there seems to be still quite a few of his tv series (old ones) that I have not watched. Have watched most of his newer ones.

  2. hi Emily
    i was searching for some info on Kevin online and chance upon yr article. like you, i’ve also just rediscovered this talented n hottie and catching up on his old dramas in the past weeks. But actually I’ve watched him in a few dramas series over tv but never get to complete the whole show. have always known him to be among the cutest tvb actor so far n very versatile too

    it’s so coincident. i’m also watching Life Art at the moment after forensic heroes II. Next I’ll continue watching “Seventh Day” and “Under the Canopy of Love” which i’ve bought online.

    tvb drama dvds are very expensive from shops here. I’m trying to get more of Kevin’s dvds but it’s very hard to find them online.

    thanks for the list of dramas and movies. there seems to be more than what i have gathered.

    can you tell me where and how I can buy those dvds? I’m in Singapore.

    meanwhile, take good care n hold in there. I hope watching Kevin helps bring back the faith n brighten up yr days just like it does to me 😉

    I know how u feel as i’m also a dog owner/lover….


  3. Hi Zio!

    Thanks for your encouraging words!

    I just went to to check if they have a good selection of Kevin Cheng dramas and/or movies and only found Under the canopy of Love and Wonder Women. I’m sorry I don’t know where else to find his DVDs.

    I don’t read Chinese. If you do, perhaps you could keep tabs on him on eBay Hong Kong.

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