Desire the Incredible Me

I have to admit that I wouldn’t have found the motivation to blog if not for Facebook giving 101 error messages that I can’t play my games this morning and the fact that I am waiting for my download of episode 25 of Beyond the Realm of Conscience to complete. But these two postcards came at the right time, I guess, or I would have procrastinated. God knows my blog is in need of more content!

Here are two postcards that I received this morning from Escada but these aren’t ordinary postcards. On the flip side, you can see they have attached a small packet of fragrance sample. These are supposed to be the latest fragrances by Escada but I remember requesting for one sample, I have forgotten which one, on the first week of September, 2009, so they probably aren’t that new anymore.

One fragrance is called “Desire Me” while the other one is called “Incredible Me”, hence the title of my post. I used to collect a lot of such parfum samples, though I don’t use them. What I do with them is to keep them together with letter pads and greeting cards so that they will smell nice. I no longer do that because I send email more than I write a traditional letter now, like everyone else.

If you would like to request for free samples of Escada’s Desire Me and Incredible Me, the link is here: Be prepared to wait a couple of months, or more.
With love

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