Google 2009 Holiday Doodle Series

Well, Christmas is over. Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything special but spent the day, and the long weekend, at home, just like I did for the past seven months.

This past week, I have been chasing TVB drama, A Chip Off The Old Block, one of the funniest TVB dramas I have watched in a long while! Well, at least it is able to take my mind off the pain of nursing Snoopy for a short while.

Did you notice the holiday doodle series from Google which ran from 20th to 25th December, 2009? It is Google’s tradition to release a series of special themed doodles for the holidays replacing its original logo and this year, they have used “postcard effect” to carry the holiday message.

Although I have always enjoyed Google’s doodles that commemorate special days and events, like the Beijing Olympic series, I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with the holiday series this year. Just take a look at these screenshots that I have enclosed. I don’t feel anything “nice” about them and certainly do not feel Christmassy about them at all.

Worse, Google didn’t even wish us “Merry Christmas” on Christmas Day but just “Happy Holidays” throughout the five days that ran this doodle series. Guess it was an oversight.

With love

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