Look what just came in the mail this morning! There’s a Mariah Carey latest CD E=MC2, which I felt that is so ironic with all the talk about her supersonic wedding with Nick Cannon and the Mariah Carey recycled engagement ring story or was that Mariah Carey’s wedding ring? Urghh I don’t know lah!

FREE! Whheeee

Anyway, there’s also a bottle of Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion and a bottle of Dove deodorant and body mist. Hmmm these smell great but I’m not someone who likes to lather herself up in lotion.

I have a jar of body whip also hardly use …where got time for all those beautifying routine? Don’t even have time to brush my hair! But anything FREE, TAKE!

Hey, I love receiving surprises in the mail! Send me stuff if you know my address!
With love

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