Hot Wheels Charity Street Party @ Baliz Ipoh

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super bikers clubs
Team Ipoh Super Bikers (TISB) & Micro Legend Club (MLC)

Baliz Ipoh is currently holding a “Hot Wheels Charity Street Party”. As this is a charity event, they are having a promotion on booze, where 10% of total proceeds tonight will be donated to Yayasan Latihan Insan Istimewa, a centre for children with disability in Ipoh, Perak.

super bike
super bikes on display

Members of Ipoh Super Biker’s Club, also known as Team Ipoh Super Bikers (TISB), and Micro Legend Club (MLC) are supporting this street party by displaying their superbikes in front of Baliz. There were about thirty bikes when I was there earlier but I expect more superbikers to join them later.

Kawasaki motorbike

In addition, there are three Ferraris. And what are supercars and superbikes without hot models? I didn’t have the chance to shoot the models, though, as I left before they were ready to come out. Also, on hand to entertain guests tonight are Dex Momo and DJ Saint.

Ipoh super bikers
Ipoh super bikes

If you are planning to blaze the dance floor or just interested in hot girls, fast cars and superbikes, you know where to head to tonight. Party starts NOW!

super bikes
super bikes in Ipoh

super bikes
gathering of super bikers

Kawasaki superbike
black Kawasaki


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