Home Cooking & the Dangers of Washing Food With Water

Although I eat out most of the time, I actually prefer home cooking. It is healthier, I think. We are constantly reminded of how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle with the water we drink, the fruits we eat and the food we choose to consume.

In fact, drinking water not only maintains the regularity in our blood flow, the glow also radiates from our skin. Who doesn’t want radiant, healthy skin, right? Additionally, there is no doubt that fruits and vegetables provide us with the required vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to keep us feeling healthy and energised.

The consumption of “at least 2 litres of water a day”, or the use of water to wash fresh fruits and vegetables may sometimes lead us to wonder just where the source of water flowing from our kitchen sinks and water dispensers come from.

From the use of fruits and vegetables served in familiar high-end cuisine dishes such as Strawberry Compotes and Zuchinni with Ricotta, to the irresistible homemade fruit salad, it is safe to say that a major contribution to the preparation of the fruits and the prevention of a horrible food poisoning is CLEAN WATER. If you have been to India, you would never take clean water for granted!

But HOW exactly can we know if the water we use to wash our fruits and vegetables every day is clean? This is where water purifiers come in.

“It’s bound to be clean with detoxification with the use of a vegetable and fruit detoxifier!”


1. Detoxification removes presence of pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals used from fruits and vegetables.

We know how harmful it can be to our body if we have a large intake of food with harmful substances in them. Just running them over tap water does not remove all the dirt, pesticides and traces of human handling on these products.

the importance of food cleaning process
the importance of food cleaning process

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms that nearly 75% of fruits and vegetables contain at least one form of pesticide in them. Hence, the use of a vegetable and fruit purifier enables full sterilization of fruits and vegetables to ensure they are safe to be consumed.

Pesticides and insecticides are proven by the U.S Cancer Panel Report 2010 to be one of the main causes of cancer. Hence, prevention is indeed better than cure.

● Pesticides are used in the growth of fruits and vegetables to control possible diseases caused by insects such as grasshoppers, bugs and rats.

● However, the failure to remove pesticides effectively from fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to a series of health consequences such as:

1) Birth Defects and higher chances of foetal death
2) Leukaemia
3) Brain Tumour

get treated
get treated

2. It protects those around you

The cleanliness of fruits and vegetables for consumption is as important to those around you. Food-borne illnesses spread quicker than we think, and a feast that we’ve decided to set up for our family with non-detoxed foods served may just take its toll in the long run.

food-borne diseases
food-borne diseases

● In three months, 4000 individuals fall ill with headache and diarrhea symptoms due to unclean food served to them.


Aqua KENT’s Counter Top Vegetable, Fruit / Meat Ozone Purifier
Aqua KENT’s Counter Top Vegetable, Fruit / Meat Ozone Purifier

With Aqua KENT’s Counter Top Vegetable, Fruits / Meat Ozone Purifier, this sleek and space-savvy purifier runs on a revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology that kills pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and harmful organisms. These pathogens, if present in food, may lead to food-borne diseases such as Salmonella and Hepatitis A, as well as waterborne diseases that can affect up to 3,575,000 out of 7 billion people annually.

Aqua KENT's Counter Top Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner
Aqua KENT’s Counter Top Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner

On the environmentally-friendly side, not only does the KENT Counter Top Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner cleanse our fruits and vegetables effectively for us, it uses no consumable that produces Ozone, but with oxygen present in the atmosphere. This efficiently kills bacteria, viruses and fungi present in food that are naked to the human eye. There is no need to replace or service its internal parts, so quality is assured for efficient use.


● E. Coli present on poultry meat can cause salmonella, which accounts for approximately 19,000 hospitalisations and 380 deaths a year.

SOLUTION: KENT Counter Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner oxidises residual chemicals and cleans antibiotics from the surface of the meat and seafood to make it safe for consumption.

● Everyday fruits such as apples, peaches and nectarines contain pesticides. 97%-99% of fruit samples were tested positive for at least one pesticide residue.

SOLUTION: KENT Counter Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleanser uses powerful ozone technology to sterilize fruits, making them safe for consumption.

With its efficient and compact size, the Aqua Kent Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner can be mounted on the wall of our kitchen. This ensures it doesn’t take up much space on our kitchen counter as we prepare our vegetables, fruits and meat!

Leading a more health-conscious lifestyle can be so much more convenient with KENT Vegetable and Food Cleaner detoxifier.


a healthy family is a happy family
a healthy family is a happy family

Watch the video: 5 Reasons to choose AQUA KENT Water Filter in Malaysia

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  1. Great article on the needs of an ozone detoxifier. I really needed this. I feel like we’ve been getting sick wayy to often. Hope this will help. Thx..will get one from aqua kent asap.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful article. I always wondered what kind of products are out there to help remove those pesticidal cotings on the fruits and vegetables,

  3. A very insightful article. Having clean water in our homes is a must!

    I have an Aqua Kent Under Counter unit. Seriously, the water is so clean and pure, and even tasty. Really worth the purchase.

  4. I bought my table top Aqua kent water purifier in 2014. The water is as pure as ever, and their service department is so efficient. I must say, I was impressed when they rang me up the other day telling me it was time for servicing of the purifier. If you are thinking of purchasing one, Aqua Kent is the way to go.

  5. I am living in Kuala Lumpur. Every day we come across the news that how farmers uses harmful pesticides to increase the production of vegetable & fruits. I was searching a fruit and vegetable cleaner for my family.

  6. wow… I never knew there’s a water purifier just for the vegetable and meat. and nowadays, it seem our tap water is not that clean. I think everyone needs this…

  7. This is impressive. I never know washing fruits and vegetable using water pipe are not safe to our health. Luckily you highlight at here. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. This is really informative. I will share this with my mother, she is really very careful when it comes about health and fitness. Also, the purifier you have mentioned is wonderful. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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