Nutrition For Immunity Fact and Fiction

Nutrition For Immunity Fact and Fiction

Have you heard about boosting the immune system? Would you like to know how, or if it’s even possible? Learn practical evidence-based tips.

Can eating certain foods, like ginger, lemon and garlic, really “boost” your immunity?

Join The Drop In and special guest, clinical nutritionist Cailie Ford, to learn about the role of the immune system and how we can best support it through nutrition.

Nutrition For Immunity Fact and Fiction

In this chat, they discuss whether drinking ginger and lemon tea really helps when we are feeling run down and debunk some common immunity myths. We also learn evidence-based diet and lifestyle tips to support our body’s resilience to illness and infection so that we can feel our best all year round.

About the guest

Cailie Ford is a Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc), a change management expert and a mum who brings lasting change to people’s lives with care, practicality and focus.

When it comes to eating, Cailie is a master at relaxing our relationship with food while keeping the focus on the things that matter, and habits that will endure. As a result, people who have struggled for years with symptoms or trying to navigate through nutritional misinformation, find a sustainable and enriching new way to live.

Cailie brings the love to lasting change and restores joy to cooking and eating, while helping everyone she can “find their glow”.

Date & time: 28th July, 2021 (10.30am – 11.30am UTC+08)
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