MBI Staff Go Green By Bringing Own Food Container

To encourage the staff of Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh – MBI) to adopt a greener lifestyle, they will enjoy a reduction of up to RM0.30 on food purchased at the Council’s canteen, depending on the size of their container.

Leading the way towards a greener, healthier lifestyle, food will no longer be packed in polystyrenes at the canteen, under the leadership of Ipoh City Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin and Council Secretary Puan Zuraina Kamarul Ariff, beginning 17th July, 2020.

Those who do require the use of plastic bags to pack their food will be charged an additional RM0.20 by the canteen operator.

towards zero usage of polystyrene
towards zero usage of polystyrene

According to the mayor, this Go Green campaign is not merely the council’s effort to set a good example to Ipoh residents to follow suit when they ‘tapau’ their food, but also to pave the way for Ipoh to be a low carbon city with zero usage of polystyrene.

At the state level, the campaign has already been ongoing since mid-2017.

According to research, polystyrene (PS), also known as styrofoam is bad for our health and the environment. The top eight reasons are:

1) It is a known hazardous substance
2) It leaches into food and drinks
3) Chemicals of polystyrene seep into our body through the skin
4) It is toxic – its industry is the 5th largest creator of toxic wastes in the USA
5) It breaks down into microscopic styrenes and other harmful chemicals, lingering in the environment for centuries
6) It depletes the ozone layer
7) It spills into the ocean, much like oil spills
8) Even in landfills, it leaches into our drinking water to cause liver, kidney and circulatory system problems.

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