Highway Code Test

I met a young lady at Puspakom the other day. Remember I was made to wait for almost three hours? I had plenty of time to chit-chat with people who were in the queue together with me. This young lady accompanied her mother who had to get her car inspected. She was reading a booklet on Highway Code (Undang-Undang Jalan Raya). She said that she still hasn’t applied for her driver’s license yet even though she is “old”, unlike her friends who all took theirs as soon as they turned 17.

undang-undang jalan raya
Highway Code

According to her, she tried taking the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) written test when she was studying in the United States but gave up because the handbook is so thick, over a hundred pages long, she didn’t have time to read through and absorb everything. Seriously, ours is so simple compared to theirs! Yet, if I were to take my written test now, I would still feel jittery. LOL I’m hopeless….

Well, she didn’t have to delay getting her driver’s license if she knew of a slimmed-down DMV study guide which only provides essential information required to pass the written test. This isn’t to say that information in the driver license manual isn’t important but it’s too long-winded. Don’t you agree?
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