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Etude House @ Ipoh Parade

I just returned from Ipoh Parade. Boy, it has been a long time since I was there. Today, coincidentally, a new store called Etude House just opened for business. And because of their launch, they gave each guest a small gift. Mine was a small comb. While I heart freebies, I hate receiving freebies that I cannot use! Gggggrrrr! Anyway, Etude House sells facial, skincare, cosmetics and other beauty products from South Korea. Price range is about RM30+ per item.

I have to confess, though, that I have never heard of Etude House before so I am uncertain if they have other stores in shopping malls in other larger cities but if I am not mistaken, in this kind of business, I am sure they don’t only depend on business in ONE store.

I really dig the way this store has been set up. Besides the fact that it’s carrying Korean products, a country that I am fascinated with, pink is, after all, one of my favourite colours. I had the opportunity to take some shots; luckily no one said anything.

While I was in there just to “look see”, an elderly lady came in and asked if they have skincare products for people in their 70s. The girls said they do, and added that they even have products for people in their 80s.

I was like, “Oh goodness, even a lady in her 70s is taking such good care of her skin. I better do something about mine!” Anyway, I left without buying anything because I didn’t want to waste money as I have decided to buy what I need from Shiseido. I’m just waiting for their year-end sale.

With love

3 thoughts on “Etude House @ Ipoh Parade

  1. gal, this shop has many outlets in KL. 1utama,sunway pyramid,berjaya time square, jusco kepong..i love their products too

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