Back To The Grind

This time last month, I was “shaking legs” and I told my friend, Paul, that I would only go back to the grind on the 1st. Little did I know that there will be more work waiting for me next month with my blogs, on top of my regular work. I’m moving some blogs to my own domain, which I have wanted to do for a year now. Blehh.. Yeah, I procrastinated!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to blog but I don’t like worrying over the technical aspects of blogging. I also don’t like to revamp my blogs or blogroll like I will have to do to “clean them up”. Are they messy? I know there are plenty of outgoing links. I can’t remove them because some of my posts have been made into examples by sponsors. Lots of extra traffic there. I don’t want people to click on it only to find a dead link.

Yesterday, I was playing with plug-ins. I haven’t finished with them yet because some require me to add a line of code to the index.php or single.php file so I did not do that because I am not satisfied with my template and still looking for a better one. For others that only need to be activated, I have yet to see them in action. As for a handful of others, I didn’t know how to configure them so I just deactivated them. See, I love to take the easy way out. Like Helen, I don’t function well at all under stress. My gastric acts up and I will throw up.

Till my next post…….
With love

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