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Fussy, Fussy

Well, I was supposed to change the layout of my blog yesterday because I was dem free yesterday but after facing an error page for more than ten hours, I was tired already.

Anyway, I have already downloaded almost twenty WordPress layouts, themes and skins that I would like to try out since I am so fickle. I think I have already searched all the popular websites that offer free WordPress themes and such but I cannot find (yet) one that I am perfectly impressed with.

I think for someone who is as fussy as I am, I should probably get it custom made so that I am totally satisfied with how and where things are placed. So far, I have yet to come across one that makes me exclaim, “This is it!” Nada!

But first, I would have to figure out where to put those dem images that come with the themes. Bah!! Have to ask around and look stupid *sigh*
With love

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