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Labour Day Coincidence

Sixteen months ago, I started a personal blog on Blogspot on Labour Day. I did not at first wanted a blog at all but something happened that I felt the need to write and write. It was all well and good. No one knew me so I was able to do that even on a public domain. I believe, till today, only a handful of people who reads my blog really know who I am.

Well, sixteen months is a long time and now here I am with this blog. And coincidentally, this blog was also born on Labor Day, the American Labor Day – note the different spelling.

Actually, I do have quite a few things to write today but then I am overwhelmed with work and I am thinking of all the stuff I need to do to get this blog up to speed. Like looking for a template I like! I’m so fussy, it’s not going to be easy! Ughh

See you tomorrow!
With love

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