I’m On The DoFollow Blogroll

Finally, Tricia emailed me yesterday to inform that I am included on the DoFollow blogroll. It’s a good way to drive traffic and comments to your site but the down side is attracting insincere people who will leave comments just to get some link juice. And to counter that, I am going to delete all comments by people with commercialized IDs and to only turn on DoFollow from the eleventh comment onwards.

So lest you think that my blog should not be included in the DoFollow blogroll because it does not follow, it does.

Anyway, I am going to kill myself with the technicalities of WordPress. I just bought four new domains and I have an old domain that I acquired a year ago and did nothing with it, so this will keep me pretty busy for a while and I am so going to neglect my blogs once again *sigh* I only have so much time in a day and night lah 🙁

Hey, I surprised myself that I managed to get my personal site going and installing WordPress on my new blogs. Wah.. I can do that!?! See, it has been so slow going lately that I even have the time to learn and spoil my eyes with all the coding. Setting up new blogs and websites is actually not difficult because once you have been shown once, you can do the same thing a thousand times over.

Although I would like the start even more blogs, the thing that is stopping me is searching for the perfect theme, customizing it, installing plug-ins, backing up data regularly and up-dating WordPress and plug-ins to their latest version. I wish there’s someone to take care of all these for me so that I could just concentrate on content. Blekkk
With love

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