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Total Damage: MYR300

Today was real f@rked up. The server for this blog was down for ages. I am not sure what time it was down from, but from the time I realised it was down till the time it was back up, ten long hours have passed. I know, I am supposed to be happy here on this blog, but how to be happy when the server was not co-operating and people step on my head, you tell me?

Today, I received a flag from an advertiser for posting his campaign. He said he wanted North American bloggers only, and that I must remove his posts. Dammit, he did not mention it in his campaign in the first place. If he did, do you think that I would have taken the task?

One thing that pissed me off so badly is that I wrote a total of thirteen posts for three different campaigns for this advertiser and you can imagine the tremendous pressure I was under to come up with posts that required a minimum of 150, 200 and 300 words and I completed and submitted them within three hours with one original post between them all.

Did you know that I nearly suffered a nervous breakdown due to the pressure? Ah, nobody cares, I guess.
With love

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